Royal Love #1

At the end of the waltz as the music began to slow down, Henrik lowered Cascadia into such a low dip that her long hair brushed against the marble floor. The whole room was filled with applause for the royal couple but Henrik was focused on the lady below him, his eyes staring into brown irises that held the slightest flickers of flames. He leaned in close to her, his lips brushing against hers. “Not any jewel in the entire kingdom could compare to you, my love.”

With that compliment, Cascadia’s eyes started to sparkle with happiness and her lips broke out into a smile which lightened up Henrik’s heart.

Another flash fiction piece for you! 🙂 I’m starting a new romance series called ‘Royal Love’ based on a list of ‘Romantic Royalty Starters’ writing prompts from tumblr, featuring a range of different characters in the world of aristocrats ^_^

Writing Prompt (Bolded) belongs to -RP Memes-



It was a calm Tuesday afternoon, and Princess Cascadia of Milanos was in her bedroom in Naesse Castle. Her husband, Prince Henrik, was currently in a meeting with the mayors of several cities in Naesse, discussing issues that were concerning their particular cities. Read more