I Will Never Admit Defeat

The wind breezed through her green hair and the rocky ground crunched from beneath her heavy metal boots. Her armour clanked against her as she walked forwards and a bloody battle axe was in her gauntlet covered hand. Bodies of soldiers surrounded her and she could see them everywhere she went. Seeing fallen comrades made her want to curl up into a ball and cry, but she gritted her teeth and continued onwards.

Her eyes looked up and narrowed when she heard the footsteps. Another woman who was much older than her stood there, a malicious smirk on her lips. She had wavy dark brown hair and scarlet red eyes, and wore robes that were a little too exposed for what they were meant to be. “Do you admit defeat?” She asked the other woman.

The axe wielding girl scowled. “Never. I will never admit defeat. Especially to one such as you.”

The older woman smirked. “Then let me end your life right now.” She lifted up her sword which had sharp, jagged edges to it and stood in a battle stance.

The younger girl’s lips set into a thin line and she held her battle axe up. “Not if I do it first.” And with that, she charged at the white haired woman.


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Week 30: Mirror, Mirror

Aurelia followed the woman into the back room of the antique shop, clutching the strap of her messenger bag tightly.  Her gaze drifted to her surroundings as she walked. Shelves lined the walls, clocks, statues, lamps and jewellery boxes settled atop them. Carpets and curtains hung from hooks on the ceiling, and old leather armchairs were littered around the area. Aurelia drifted her fingertips along the arm of one armchair; the leather was smooth and soft. She walked past mannequins with the most vintage dresses and coats, and she fingered the soft, velvet material as she walked past. Having taken in her surroundings completely, she returned her gaze to the woman in front of her. Read more

Week 24: Kill

Talia spotted him from above, the familiar broad, majestic black wings protruding from his back. Of course she would be able to recognise them; they were like her own, only much larger, much more mature. But he was anything but mature at this moment, in Talia’s eyes anyway. Read more


“Aurelia!” The Crimson Great Sorceress spun around, and found Zaleria, with Codec’s arm around her shoulders and leaning on her. She was struggling under his weight. “We have to stop. Codec is exhausted, and he’s getting worse!” Read more