Hey guys!

I’m currently doing an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and my topic is on fantasy literature, so if you’re a fantasy novel fan, then if you can, please complete my questionnaire for my research! It would really mean a lot for me if you could. The link is in page titled ‘EPQ ¬†Questionnaire’ at the bottom of my blog, and if you could encourage other fantasy readers that you know to complete my questionnaire, that would be great!

Thank you so much, and sorry that this isn’t a story ^_^

~Lorelei Lockladay~

Week 19: Theatre

She peered out of the curtains, her bright eyes filled with fear yet curiosity. The seats of the theatre were slowly filling up, one by one, as everyone filed in line to reach their designated seats, and the murmurs of the audience could be heard ringing in her ears, no matter how quietly they were talking behind the curtains. Her eyes searched around for two familiar faces and when she found them, her heart began to beat wildly. Read more