No More Fighting (A sequel to ‘Carnage’)

As Aurelia’s sword struck down the last of her enemies, she let out a shaky breath and pulled her blade out.
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Aurelia looked upon the battlefield astride her horse Castor, who was whickering with fear and anger and his white mane tossing this way and that. All around them was destruction, a wall of fire trapping them in the chaos. The sounds of metal clashing on metal rung repeatedly in Aurelia’s ears and she could feel the furious heat coming from the battle, like flames licking at her skin. She inhaled deeply.

“Gods and goddesses above, give me the strength to end this carnage.” She murmured to herself, before sweeping her sword to the side with a flourish and charging herself and Castor straight into the bloodshed.


Here, have a short over-the-word-count drabble as an apology for my absence and for discontinuing the 52 short stories challenge 😦

Week 34: A Story about Loneliness

Lorelei sighed as she finally uploaded the latest oneshot to her blog on WordPress. She slid out from under the desk on her office chair and stretched, cracking her neck from one side to the other. Lorelei had been sat at her desk for hours, trying to perfect the story that she had been writing up, and had finally finished. Her mum yelled at her every couple of hours, saying something about how she should get her butt off the chair and go and do something more productive. Lorelei didn’t understand; at least she wasn’t one of those kids who was out there smoking drugs or something. Read more

Week 36: A Bunny’s Perspective

I’ve watched my mistress every day, and know all about her. I’ve seen her smile, laugh, cry, get angry, everything. I’ve been her loyal friend from the very beginning, and when she took me with her to that music academy she’s always talking about with her friends, I felt so excited. Whatever emotion she felt, I felt as well.

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Week 27: Dollhouse

The mirror me stared back as I carefully did my tie up, fingers deftly wounding the thin, smooth material round and round my collar. After swiftly pulling the end through the hole in the tie and adjusting it so that it stayed straight down my torso, I put on my blazer, not bothering to button up and looked at myself at the mirror once more, making sure not a stain or wrinkle was present on my clothes.

After all, all the daughter of this family had to do was keep up appearances and make out that there was nothing wrong with this family. Read more

Week 24: Kill

Talia spotted him from above, the familiar broad, majestic black wings protruding from his back. Of course she would be able to recognise them; they were like her own, only much larger, much more mature. But he was anything but mature at this moment, in Talia’s eyes anyway. Read more