Week 34: A Story about Loneliness

Lorelei sighed as she finally uploaded the latest oneshot to her blog on WordPress. She slid out from under the desk on her office chair and stretched, cracking her neck from one side to the other. Lorelei had been sat at her desk for hours, trying to perfect the story that she had been writing up, and had finally finished. Her mum yelled at her every couple of hours, saying something about how she should get her butt off the chair and go and do something more productive. Lorelei didn’t understand; at least she wasn’t one of those kids who was out there smoking drugs or something. Read more


An introduction about me and my stories

Hi there! My name is Lorelei┬áLockladay, and I’m an aspiring young writer! I love writing stories, mainly for fantasy and romance, but I do like writing a little bit of every book genre. I also write non-fiction, and essays are one specialty that I can write (I’m still in high school, you see). I often write short stories, but writing longer books with chapters is what I’m learning to do as well.

In reality, I’m literally one of the most quietest people out there. You wouldn’t even know that I’m there until I actually say something. But when I’m comfortable with you, I’m pretty talkative. I can also be a bit random at times…but that’s VERY rare. My friends are some of my most treasured people in the world, and I couldn’t have asked for any better friends. Same goes for my family as well; they may push me hard, but I know they mean well.

This blog was made so that I could post my stories and share them with other people in the world. I never really share my stories with people apart from my friends so making this blog has made me extremely nervous, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy what I post and it’ll make me happy if you do like them. I mainly post short stories and drabbles, but once I have a solid plan of what I’m going to write, I will start posting full-length stories.

If there are any questions, please post a comment below and hopefully the next few posts will be of stories I have drawn from the depths of my mind. Thank you!!!