Hi there! You can call me Anna, or Lorelei if you want 🙂 I mainly write fantasy and romance, but I do like mixing it up now and then. I also write non-fiction, and essays are one specialty that I can write (I’m still in high school, you see), but you probably won’t get a lot of that on this website. I often write short stories and flash fiction, and I write a LOT of romance and action (sometimes together).

In reality, I’m literally one of the most quietest people out there. You wouldn’t even know that I’m there until I actually say something. But when I’m comfortable with you, I’m pretty talkative. I can also be a bit random at times…but that’s VERY rare. My friends are some of my most treasured people in the world, and I couldn’t have asked for any better friends. Same goes for my family as well; they may push me hard, but I know they mean well.

This blog was made so that I could post my stories and share them with other people in the world. I never really share my stories with people apart from my friends so making this blog has made me extremely nervous, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy what I post and it’ll make me happy if you do like them. I mainly post short stories and flash fiction, and expect a LOT of romance from me.

I don’t usually have a set time when I post stories, but I usually post things when they’re ready, basically 🙂

If there are any questions, please post a comment below. Thank you!!!


One thought on “About

  1. Wonderful writing Lorelei ! You have great talent in writing. I’ve enjoyed reading your writing very much. Congratulations !!! Please keep up the good work.
    Uncle Q


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