Aurelia’s faithful stallion snorted and whickered from beneath her and she reached down to stroke his neck. After petting Castor for a little while, Aurelia straightened herself up and returned her gaze to her surroundings.

The grassy plains spread out all around them and its vastness amazed Aurelia to no end. She took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of grass, wildflowers and fresh air. This is it, she thought. This is what true freedom is.

Gripping the reins tightly, she let out a yell, “Hyah, Castor!” With an extra squeeze of her thighs, Aurelia set him off into motion with a loud whinny. He went straight into a gallop, thundering across the plains as his hooves trampled grass. His mane was flying in the wind and so was his tail, and his breathing and snorts became heavier. In the saddle, Aurelia maneuvered her horse through the plains, jumping over each crack and crevice found in the ground. Her fingers could feel the burn of leather against her skin but her gloves protected them from harm. The wind battered against her face rendering it raw and red. The ride was wild and free, as were all her rides on Castor.

When they reached the end of the plains, Castor skidded to a halt, sending dirt into the air, and reared up onto his hind legs, kicking his front legs forwards. Aurelia held onto both the reins and his mane, feeling like a queen on her majestic mount and tossing her head back with a laugh. Nothing could send her morale plummeting anymore; she was ecstatic and living the best life she could have ever achieved.

Castor landed both hooves back on the ground and Aurelia looked over her shoulder to see how much distance they had covered. From one end of the plains to the other, they had covered a lot of distance. She turned back to her stallion and reached down to stroke his flank. “Good job, Cas, you did well. I think I’ll give you some extra treats when we get back to the castle.”

Castor snorted loudly, a sign of his excitement, and Aurelia giggled. Then, she heard a voice call out, “Aurelia!”

The woman looked up to see a golden horse come out of the woods ahead of them. Sitting atop him was Ophelia. She beamed when she saw Aurelia’s wind-beaten face. “You look well done. If you’re finished letting off some steam, we should probably head back soon. I’m finished with gathering my ingredients.”

Aurelia smiled as she guided Castor over to Ophelia and Vale. “I trust you and Vale had a good adventure as well?”

“Oh, indeed we did. We had a pleasant time, didn’t we Vale?”

Ophelia reached down to pat the stallion’s neck and Vale whinnied in agreement. Aurelia chuckled. “Good. I’m glad. Well then, shall we?”

“Of course.”

They nudged their horses gently in the side and set off back home, chatting enthusiastically about their respective afternoons.


I’m back!!! And I’ve finished with my A Level exams, so I’m free now! 😀 I’ll try to update as often as I can now that I have a lot more free time, so stay tuned!

~Lorelei Lockladay~


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