Your Royal Highness, Prince Henrik of Naesse,


I hope that this letter finds you well. How goes the war in Estait? I know that wherever you may be fighting, your strength will carry you through with claiming victory with this war. Your troops are well-trained and I know that you will be able to keep their morale up with your words and inspire them to keep on fighting.

Captain Peder has been growing more and more apprehensive since your last letter concerning the growth and spread of the war to other kingdoms. He has been sending out messages to all your other allies in the treaties you have made, asking for assistance. We still await their response to our distress signals. I believe he was intending to send a message to my kingdom of Milanos, seeing as we are your closest ally, but I told him that that will not be necessary. I myself aim to travel to Milanos and deliver the message asking for assistance. As a princess of Milanos and the current Crown Princess of Naesse through my marriage to Your Highness, my family cannot ignore my plea for help in what appears to be a growing into a full-scale world war. I can only hope that they will listen to their daughter.

If all else fails, my own army Pyralis will come to your aid. The Sorceress of Flames cannot let war ravage the beautiful land of Lascillon and let her husband die on the war-torn battlefield. I’m sure that the Sorceresses of Aqua, Wind and Nature would agree that the land of Lascillon must be preserved. I have already heard word from the Sorceress of Nature Ophelie Duchamp that her army Brier is well-armed and available for immediate use should the war escalate any further. I believe that Ophelie wishes to maintain the beauty of Lascillon more than anyone.

No matter what, Prince Henrik, I will always be there to aid you. The princess you married is more than just a princess; she is a warrior of fire, a woman of the flames. And with this fiery determination is a fiery love for you, for my love for you burns brighter than any flame. As the Sorceress of Flames and your wife, I am at your disposal should you need it. You need not fight your own wars yourself.

While we go through the preparations here in Naesse, please be safe in Estait. I pray to all the gods and goddesses for your good health, and I pray to Their Graces Lady Amitiel, Lady Ithuriel and Lady Ophiel* to grant you the powers of victory.


Your Royal Princess and beloved wife, Princess Cascadia Leventis


*Lady Amitiel, Lady Ithuriel and Lady Ophiel – Aurelia, Iris and Ophelia from the Enchanted series


Phew, that was a little hard to write, I’m not good with writing such formal language, especially for royalty haha

~Lorelei Lockladay~


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