The thundering sounds of hooves stopped as Castor skidded to a halt in the middle of the bridle path, tossing his head and neighing loudly. Aurelia panted as she held onto the reins of her stallion tightly, her face flushed red from the exertion of riding and the wind battering against her skin. Her lips were cracked from all the dryness and her hair, loose and wild, was blown back in a windswept look. Aurelia rubbed at her eyes, getting rid of all the moisture that had gathered in there. She caught her breath back and looked up at her surroundings.

Aurelia and Castor had stopped on a stone bridge connecting from one side of the river to the other side. Waterfalls sprang out from cracks in the cliffs above them and flowed all the way down into the river. The river below them was streaming all the way to the bank and from there Aurelia could see the stone steps travelling upwards, passing through the large arch that towered over them. She eyed the ruins in front of her carefully; she could see the remnants of ancient pillars and walls. “Looks like we’re at the Synagogue Of Silence, Castor.” She spoke to her horse, reaching down to stroke his flank. “How about a little adventure?”

Castor whinnied in agreement and Aurelia nodded. “I agree. I’m curious about what’s up there too. Let’s take a look then, shall we?”

Another neigh of agreement. Aurelia squeezed her thighs together and urged her stallion into a gentle gallop. Soft hoofbeats sounding on grass turned into harsh thundering hoof noises as Castor moved off the bridge and onto the stony ground before the archer and the horse began the long trip up the steps to the Synagogue of Silence.


As exams approach, the shorter my writing gets. Mind you, I’m getting really into this flash fiction writing, it’s good when you don’t have much spare time ^_^

~Lorelei Lockladay~


2 thoughts on “A Little Adventure

  1. really descriptive again, you clearly have a cinematic vision of what it’s meant to be like! i like that its the same girl and her horse from the last one too- flash fiction but in a kinda episodic way

    Liked by 1 person

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