Aurelia looked upon the battlefield astride her horse Castor, who was whickering with fear and anger and his white mane tossing this way and that. All around them was destruction, a wall of fire trapping them in the chaos. The sounds of metal clashing on metal rung repeatedly in Aurelia’s ears and she could feel the furious heat coming from the battle, like flames licking at her skin. She inhaled deeply.

“Gods and goddesses above, give me the strength to end this carnage.” She murmured to herself, before sweeping her sword to the side with a flourish and charging herself and Castor straight into the bloodshed.


Here, have a short over-the-word-count drabble as an apology for my absence and for discontinuing the 52 short stories challenge 😦


9 thoughts on “Carnage

      1. Oh my gosh, uni sounds so stressful!!! Also, an exam on Saturday?!?! What is life?!? DX flash fics are awesome! I’m definitely going to do some more later, it’ll help me with a level stress ^_^;

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      2. ahaha i KNOW right? at 9:30 in the morning no less!!! but it is my only one thankfully lol. i hope so! i found them useful too, so much easier to just get one out when the mood takes you than a whole novel or something haha 🙂

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      3. Ah, I wish you all the luck on this exam then! I know you can do it 🙂 I agree, they’re so much easier! I suck at writing novels so short stories and flash fiction are my thing now lol

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