The sound of skates on ice came to a halt as Eva struck her final pose of the short program that she had been practising, the music ending with its final notes. Her ragged breaths echoed throughout the silent ice rink as she stood there, face flushed from both the cold and the intensity of her performance. Eva relaxed her body as she caught her breath back, and looked over at the CD player settled comfortable on the railing. After staring at it for a while, she skated over to the CD player and hit the back button. Once more, she thought to herself, before she glided back over to the middle of the ice rink and got into position.

The air was instantly filled with music, a gentle piano and harp playing in sync as Eva started her program once again. The soothing yet powerful voices of women harmonising echoed throughout the ice rink as the brunette glided and skated around on the ice with elegance and grace, her arms spread out and making intricate waves as if she were bending the air. Her long hair, which she had kept out of a ponytail for once, flowed freely as Eva skated to the middle and went straight into a layback spin, her hands clutched to her chest and her top half tilted back as far as she could go without overbalancing. The music had come to a dramatic violin solo, in time with the choreography. It rung in her ears, but Eva kept her eyes closed and her hands came together, straightening her arms up high above her as she spun around, and around, and around.

And then the music slowed down, as Eva slowed down. She came out of the layback spin with ease, and skated forwards, preparing for her first jump of the program. She pushed herself upwards with all her strength, spun twice counter clockwise and landed on the outside edge of her right foot. From there, she did an arabesque spiral, lifting her free leg up behind her with the elegance of a ballerina and skating backwards as a finishing move to her jump.

A jump combination of a triple Lutz and a triple toe loop, followed by her step sequence. Finally, she cleaned up the performance with a sit spin, lowering herself down as far as she could go. The music finally slowed to a stop, and Eva struck her final pose. Again, she was out of breath and her face was rosy from working so hard, but Eva felt satisfied.

But she knew that this routine had to be ingrained into her mind. After all, the European Figure Skating Championships were coming up next month.


Week 39: A story with only one character.

Introducing Eva Pollen, my figure skater OC from Norway! I may or may not have been influenced by Yuri!!! on Ice…Also, I know I’ve been gone for a long time, and I’m sorry about that (and I may disappear again once exams start…)

~Lorelei Lockladay~


5 thoughts on “Week 39: Ice Dancer

    1. Yeah, figure skating is a lot more complicated than I thought, but I’ve gained a real interest in it after watching that anime! Since it was with one character, I guess it made things easier to write without dialogue XD


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