“Aurelia!” The Crimson Great Sorceress spun around, and found Zaleria, with Codec’s arm around her shoulders and leaning on her. She was struggling under his weight. “We have to stop. Codec is exhausted, and he’s getting worse!” Read more


Week 21: Neptune

When Tiyana, Galya, Kai, Raydn, Ryder and Calrin stepped off of The Condor spacecruiser, Galya immediately wrapped her arms around herself. “Brrrr! It’s so cold out here!” Read more

Week 20: Duty

Your dark blue eyes were full of calm as you stared down at the pools of water right below you. Your hands leaned on the white marble of the reflection pools as you watched the humans going on with their daily lives on the planet known as Earth. The humans were complex creatures; they were full of emotion, and seemed to change feelings as soon as something in their lives happened. They seemed to think of themselves as superior, the top of the food chain, the cream of the crop, the best of the best. You only thought something to yourself, if only they knew the truth. Read more

Week 19: Theatre

She peered out of the curtains, her bright eyes filled with fear yet curiosity. The seats of the theatre were slowly filling up, one by one, as everyone filed in line to reach their designated seats, and the murmurs of the audience could be heard ringing in her ears, no matter how quietly they were talking behind the curtains. Her eyes searched around for two familiar faces and when she found them, her heart began to beat wildly. Read more

Time to Say Goodbye

It was a sunny Friday afternoon, slowly approaching evening. Lorelei was in her room, folding and putting away her clothes in her suitcases. Shirts, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, jeans, shoes and boots were placed carefully into the leather-made luggage, and other various items were placed into smaller suitcases and bags. Read more

Week 17: Australia

Lucena looked forwards, closed her eyes, and breathed in the strong, salty scent of the sea water. Her hair, pulled back into a ponytail, was billowing a little in the breeze and she fell back onto her towel, landing on the soft sand and sinking down into it. She could feel the heat of the sun hitting her skin and warming her right to the bone, and she sighed in content. Read more

Winged Beasts

Loose fabric rustled against the breeze. White wings flapped vigorously as they carried the girl through the air of the night. This girl was flying towards the secret meeting place of her two friends, two others of her own, though different in their own way. Read more