Flicker of Hope

“It is sickening to think about.” Read more


Week 8: War

Emeline, a knight of Ceiastan, dashed through the crowd, made up of allies and enemies all fighting to their deaths. The stench of blood filled the air and tickled the knight’s nose, a familiar scent that she had gotten far too used to. Read more

Week 7: School Journey

Lucena waited at the train station platform, pulling her red patterned scarf further up her face, covering her mouth. Her nose was slightly red from the cold and she rubbed her purple gloved hands together to warm them up more. It was chilly this morning, as she waited for her train to school. The sky was cloudy and there was not a single gap in the sky showing a strip of blue, and everything around her was slightly frosty. Lucena looked up at the departure display; it was going to be four minutes until the train arrived. Lucena sighed; this felt like the longest four minutes of her life. Read more


It was a calm Tuesday afternoon, and Princess Cascadia of Milanos was in her bedroom in Naesse Castle. Her husband, Prince Henrik, was currently in a meeting with the mayors of several cities in Naesse, discussing issues that were concerning their particular cities. Read more

Power of Flight

Aurelia charged ahead with the others behind her and she looked ahead, shielding her eyes with her hand as the sun glared down on her. Overhead, she saw burning areas of land and many clashes of Princess Magnolia’s soldiers and Floris’s soldiers on the battlefield. Auria growled. “Damn, Reflecting Gardens is a warzone…” Read more