Week 2: Antidote

I stared down at the pale, still face of my mother as she lay in her bed. Her hands rested on her stomach, and her eyes were shut tightly. She was clothed in a forest green gown made of crushed velvet, with ivory and champagne wedding brocade and accents of gold lining it, as expected of a lady-in-waiting to the queen. She lay there peacefully, as if the events of what had happened the night before had no effect on her whatsoever. Read more



Eliora ran down the pathway of the mansion as fast as she could, her hair flying out after her. After hearing the news that her parents had just told her, she didn’t want to hear anymore. Eliora had just come back from a weekend out with her friends when they told her.

“Your brother…he was involved in a hit and run…The doctors were unable to save him…” Read more